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Format reduction


This RFC proposes to reduce the amount of representations a registers implementation should support to JSON and CSV and recommends JSON as the main representation. In this way, we expect that implementers, who are not sure of which format to implement, will use it by default.


The Registers data model and its REST API are still subject to change. The amount of formats which we currently account for unnecessarily complicates the implementation. For example, we want to evolve who the schema fits into the data model and how the schema is exposed to the user.


The current suggestion in the specification is to implement JSON, YAML, CSV, TSV, HTML and Turtle. Although none of them are required, the reference implementation implements all of them.

Some issues to contextualise this are:

  • The specification is not yet mature enough by itself to guide implementers on the implementation of Turtle.
  • The Turtle implementation is incorrect.
  • The YAML representation offers no value on top of the JSON one.
  • The CSV and TSV formats are virtually the same.
  • The HTML representation has diverged from the other representations in the reference implementation, and is no longer an exact analogue. Users have also found the HTML representation confusing in the reference implementation.

As of 2018, users generally favour JSON (89.9%) and a small fraction benefit from a tabular form (CSV 3.5%, TSV 1.9%).

In light of that, the suggestion is to remove all formats but JSON and CSV. We should bring back RDF when the specification has a mature definition of how to implement it. Also, JSON should be recommended as the main representation if the implementer has doubts on what format to implement.

Finally, the specification should provide a method for users to ask a register for available formats.