Control Panel Screens and Groups

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A Panel holds one or more groups and screens (see Figure 1). You can create them in the same drop down menu that you used to create the panel. On this page the function and use of them is explained.

Screens and Groups

Figure 1. Screens and groups within a panel. In this case the screens are within different groups


A screen holds the interface you see on your device. Multiple screens together can make up the interface for several rooms and integrated devices. When clicking the screen name in the left sidebar of the Designer. You will see the screen-specific options in the right sidebar. There you can name the screen or select the orientation: portrait, landscape or portrait & landscape use.

When creating a screen you will also see the option to create a screen from template. This is fast way to create pre-made screens.

  • Private templates: Ideal to transfer the look and feel from a basic layout you made to other screens. Create the layout first, adding elements that will appear on all your screens, and save it as a private template.
  • Public templates: Use designs others made to get started quickly or to use their visuals. OpenRemote offers various templates too; for example a full TV remote.


In the left sidebar you can see that your screens are located within a group (similar to folders). The screens that are placed within the same group are 'next' to each other, meaning that you can navigate between them by swiping the touch screen of your device. On your mobile or tablet device you can see these screens represented by dots on the bottom (appearance can differ between manufacturers). Groups are for example suitable for extensive TV remotes. The keypad, option buttons and HD recorder buttons can all be on a separate screen, but within the same group - making navigation easy. If you do not want to swipe through the screens, for example if the applications are unrelated or in a different room, it is recommended to place the screens in separate groups and navigate between them using buttons.

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