Controller Configuration

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OpenRemote Controller's configuration can be managed remotely and in the cloud with the OpenRemote Designer. This enables easy configuration changes via web-based interface of the OpenRemote Designer. The controller configuration is downloaded to the OpenRemote controller via the [controller synchronization mechanism](Synchronize Controller). This allows service providers to remotely manage their customer's installations from anywhere with Internet connection and standard web browser.

Controller Configuration - ServiceProviderControllerConfiguration_600x506

Figure 1: Remote Update of Customer Local Configuration

A service provider may login to a customer's account using a standard web browser. In the building objects section (see Image 2 below) they can select controller configuration and make configuration changes which are stored to customer's account in Beehive database.

Changes are updated to customer's local controller instance when they view the controller's home page and enter their OpenRemote Designer account name and credentials and [synchronize their local controller with their account data|docs:Controller 2.0 - Synchronize with Designer Account] in OpenRemote Designer.

Controller Configuration

To change the configuration settings of a controller, first switch to 'Building Object Modeling' view and from the bottom left of the screen, select the 'Controller Configuration' tab, as shown in Image 2 below:

Controller Configuration - ControllerConfigAnnotated

Figure 2: Select Controller Configuration Tab from Bottom Left of the Designer View

Once selected, you will see a list of configuration categories. Clicking on each one will reveal particular configuration properties that can be changed in that category.

The available configuration setting categories are listed below:

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