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Switch to the "Building Modeler" view in the designer.

New commands can be created either during New Device creation wizard (see Figure 1) or by selecting an existing device from the left-hand side device menu and using 'Add Command' button (see Figure 2).

New Command

Figure 1. Add Command button in New Device dialog.

New Command Context Menu

Figure 2. First select existing device and then choose New Command from context menu.

Create Command

Next, add your command protocol details. Give your command a descriptive name, and choose the protocol you want to use:

Choose Protocol for Command

Figure 3: Choose Protocol for Command.

After choosing your protocol, the dialog will display the required command protocol properties. This will change depending which protocol you are using. Fill in the required details:

Command Protocol Properties

Finally, click either 'Submit' to close the dialog and return to your previous task or 'Submit and Continue' if you wish to re-use the same protocol properties for another command (in which case enter a new command name and change the properties that should be different).

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