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New sensors can be created either during New Device creation wizard (see Figure 1) or by selecting an existing device from the left-hand side device menu and using 'Add Sensor' button (see Figure 2).

New Sensor in Create Device Wizard

Figure 1: Add Sensor button in New Device dialog.


Figure 2: First select existing device and then choose New Sensor from context menu

Next, add sensor protocol details. Give your sensor a descriptive name, and bind a command to a sensor. A command may be a read command which polls the device regularly for a state update, or a listener which updates the sensor's value when receiving data from a network or other sources.

New Sensor Dialog

Figure 3: Enter Sensor Details

The expected return value from the command depends on the sensor type you choose:

  • Boolean "on" or "off" for 'switch' type sensors
  • Integer in range [0-100] for 'level' type sensors
  • Integer in arbitrary range for 'range' type sensors. Range minimum and maximum values can be entered into the dialog as sensor properties if range is chosen as sensor type -- see Create Range Sensor for more details.
  • An arbitrary string value for 'custom' type sensors -- see Create Custom Sensor for more details.

Click on 'Submit' once finished.

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