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##Introduction An Internet Protocol (IP) Camera is a camera that (wirelessly) sends and receives data over your home network and over the internet. This makes it easy to control (if that functionality is included in the model) and allows for high quality live footage. It is great for surveillance or as a way to check on young children or pets when you are not at home.

##Hardware There is a wide range of products available. A few variables make up the price that goes from € 50,- to €250,- euro (to ~€2500,- + for professional use):

  • Build quality and materials
  • Wired/wireless
  • Pan/zoom/tilt functionality
  • Image quality
  • No audio/one-way audio/two-way audio
  • IR LEDs for night vision
  • Local video storage (on SD card for example)
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Sabotage Alarm
  • Motion Detection

The functionalities of the following products are supported by OpenRemote. Certified products are extensively tested in combination with Professional Designer and supported by OpenRemote certified Integrators.


HTTP-MJPEG - ProtocolMapIPCamera-01

It is most convenient to use the manual and software provided with the camera to set up the system. By doing this you will find out the IP address and see the live stream in your default browser. Also for most wireless camera's you will connect it using a network cable first before being able to use it wirelessly.

##Importing devices in the Designer - Building Modeler For now we will only describe using the image feed of the camera and not the additional features such as audio, pan/tilt/zoom and night vision. The image feed does not need importing Building Modeler side of the Designer, so we can go straight to the UI Designer.

##Specific Designer Remarks - UI Designer Using the images is very straightforward. Go to the IP camera page using your default browser and copy the video URL by right-clicking and 'copy image URL'. In the UI Designer drag a WebView widget onto your screen and copy paste the address in the 'URL' field (it will look like This will show the stream on your device. Operating system specific remarks:

  • iOS6: On some camera's only static images are shown; snapshots of the moment you enter the screen on which the WebView widget is located. Under development.
  • iOS5: Live feed is correctly shown.

Please contact me with more information on the performance on other OS. TIP: To make the screen fit to your overall graphical style, you can use an image (.png) with a transparent center as overlay to create a border around the WebView widget (see picture for clarification).

##Reference Cases A video of a camera (and door sensors) used in combination with an iPad (see full movie for integration of other applications)

##See Also Always check the OpenRemote forum for the latest developments.

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