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Keene Electronics produces KIRA (Keene IR Anywhere) products that allow infrared signals to be transmitted via an IP network. The procedure described here will work for the following models:

  • KIRA
  • KIRA128
  • KIRARS232
  • IRCM

For the purpose of this document all will be referred to as KIRA although the procedure is the same for all models

Integration is currently handled with the generic UDP protocol implementation in OpenRemote. This allows the standard Keene API to send IR codes.


To integrate OpenRemote and KIRA, you will need:

The supported KIRA products are listed below:

Keene IR 1

Discovering KIRA Infrared Commands

To get the IR code string in the correct format we need to use the KIRA Java utility program.

kira utility startup

Learning Infrared Commands

After launching the utility, click "learn". Point your remote control at the IR receiver on the KIRA and press the button for which you want the learn the code. As soon as the program has captured one complete string of code this will be displayed in the code window.

kira utility learn

Click "stop". At this point it is prudent to click "test" and verify that the code has been correctly captured. Assuming all is well the next step is to integrate this KIRA code in the Designer.

Use KIRA Codes with OpenRemote Designer

In OpenRemote Designer, create a new device for the item you wish to control through IR. In this example we are controlling a Thomson DVB-T Receiver:

OR new device

When that is complete click "Next >" and select "Add command".

OR new command

Select UDP as the protocol, enter a name for your command and fill-in the required attributes. IP Address is the address or name of your KIRA device, Port is the UDP socket used for control on the KIRA, the default is 65432.

For the command, copy the IR code string from the KIRA Java utility:

kira utility copy

Paste it into the 'Edit Command' dialog in OpenRemote Designer:

OR new command

Click 'Submit and continue' if you need to enter additional IR codes or 'Submit' if you're done. Click 'Finish' and you're now ready to use the created commands in your UI design.

Repeat as required for each device and command.

Using Pronto Codes with KIRA

Instead of learning infrared codes you can also use the KIRA Java utility to convert Pronto codes to KIRA if those are available to you.

From the menu within the KIRA Java utility click "View" > "Pronto code convertor"

kira pronto convert1

Paste your Pronto format code within the box and click convert:

kira pronto convert2

The code will then appear within the IR code window of the main program in the correct format to use:

kira pronto convert3

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