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HAI, acquired by Leviton, is a Home Automation system, integrated with OpenRemote. If you have an existing system of HAI, you can now automatically integrate all devices and commands into the OpenRemote Designer, and integrate it with any other device, or build your own unique user interface.

NOTE: This plugin is still under development. The import process works, but you will need to refresh your browser after completing an import in the designer as the GUI does not respond yet in a appropriate manner.

The OpenRemote OmniLink implementation uses a secure TCP connection to control almost every aspect of a HAI Omni or Lumina system. It supports lighting, security, temperature, audio, macros and more. The OpenRemote building modeler also supports device auto discovery and will connect remotely to a system and build a complete list of devices, which is important as many installations will have a large number of complex endpoints.


To integrate OpenRemote and HAI Omnilink, we have tested the products listed in the table below.

For a complete setup, you will need:

  • A HAI Omnilink System (Omni or Lumina controller with IP access and at least firmware 3.0 or above)
  • OpenRemote Controller HAI submit installed on your PC, RPi, NAS, etc.
  • OpenRemote Designer Account HAI submit
  • A web browser, Android or iOS device for control

Leviton HAI 1

Configuration of System

Your OpenRemote configuration file should have the following entry:

# Configuration related to HAI Devices

# IP-Address or hostname of the HAI system

# Port of the HAI system

# Encryption key 1

# Encryption key 2

Replace the address with the ip or host name of your controller. Port 4369 is the standard port. The two keys may be found throgh an existing HAI keypad or through their configuration software. Each key is 8 sets of two hex digits delimited by a colon. (Use lower case letters).

OpenRemote Designer Configuration

See the following video: Video showing Openremote HAI Omnilink Integration

In the designer under devices select -> New -> Import OmniLink Devices

Enter the publicly available ip or host, port and the two crypto keys. When you hit finish, the designer will import all your devices. This may take a while.

The designer will not import existing devices with the same exact name. If you delete a device in the designer, running the import again will just add that device. If you add a new device, running the import will just add that device, but not duplicate existing devices.

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