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Macros are an easy way to control multiple devices and/or let a device do several actions in succession. First create the commands that you would like to use. You can find information on adding devices and creating commands within the documentation under Devices & Protocol Integration.

In the building modeler go to macros (see Figure 1). In the macros menu you can add and remove commands from the macros. There is also the option to add delays. Use the delays to make sure devices have time to send and receive certain messages. For example sending two commands over IR to a television might need a second of delay to make sure both our received and processed well.

Macros - DesignerMacros

Figure 1. Macros in the building modeller

The macros can be applied as you would with other commands. Bind them to buttons by pressing 'command:' attribute and select a macro from the macro folder.

Popular applications of macros are:
All Off: A button that 'shuts down' your entire house. It turns off all the lights, lowers the temperature setting of your heating and turns off devices such as television and radios.
Scenes: Scene buttons are also used in the public templates provided by OpenRemote. For example a dining scene can dim the lights for a cosy setting in the dining area while an entertainment setting can turn of the light at the table but create a nice atmosphere for watching movies (and maybe even close the blinds).

Macros - Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 12.58.01 PM

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