Marantz AV Receiver

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Marantz is a well known brand of high quality A/V equipment and offers a range of A/V receivers and a few PrePro products. All of the newer models do offer an Ethernet port, allowing easy IP control. Marantz AV receiver integration is currently available to professional installers through our Designer product.

OpenRemote Marantz integration is available to professional integrators as a commercial offering. Please see more details on OpenRemote commercial solutions at


Using OpenRemote, you can not only control the main features of your Marantz receiver, but also get complete feedback on the device status.


The protocol should support all Marantz A/V receivers and A/V separates PrePro with IP connectivity.

The following table indicates which products are certified by OpenRemote as part of the Professional Designer offering or have been reported to work by the community.

Marantz AV Receiver - table1

##Configuration of System

On the Marantz side, you might want to fix the IP address of your receiver, making it easy to reference from OpenRemote.

Knowning this IP address, in the OpenRemote Designer, configure the connection information. Go to "Building Modeler", then in the "Config for Controller" part, select the "marantz_avr" section.

In the only field present, enter the IP address of your reveiver.

Marantz AV Receiver - Marantz AVR Controller Config

##Creating commands in the UI Designer

Controlling the receiver and reading feedback from it is handled through the normal building elements of OpenRemote: commands & sensors.

For more details on how to create commands and sensors in OpenRemote Designer, please see the reference documentation:

The following commands are currently supported

Marantz AV Receiver - table2 part1

Marantz AV Receiver - table2 part2

Marantz AV Receiver - table2 part3

Since version Pro 1.0.11, Marantz protocol now supports multiple zones. When defining a command, a 'Zone' parameter defines the zone the command applies to. If no specific zone is defined, 'MAIN' zone is used by default. The multiple zone feature is supported by commands: POWER, MUTE, INPUT and VOLUME. All other commands ignore the zone parameter if one is defined.

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