Architecture: Manager endpoints

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The following URL endpoint patterns are used by default:

  • / - Redirects to default app (typically /manager) - Default app can be specified using APP_DEFAULT environment variable.
  • /<APP_NAME> - Loads the specified app (as found in deployment/app directory or custom directory if APP_DOCROOT is set)
  • /api/<REALM>/<REST_API_ENDPOINT> - REST API, must include the realm being used
  • /websocket - Websocket endpoint

App Realm

Generally applications are linked to a specific realm which cannot be changed but apps can support multiple realms, in this instance the app can either present a list of realms for the user to select and/or the app could support setting the realm via a query parameter; which is what the manager app currently does:

e.g. http://localhost:8080/manager?realm=customerA

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