Developer Guide: Maintaining an installation

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Tail log output of all containers with docker-compose -p openremote -f profile/demo.yml logs -f.

Use docker stats to show CPU, memory, network read/writes, and total disk read/writes for running containers.

Diagnosing database problems

Access the database:

docker exec -it openremote_postgresql_1 psql -U openremote

Get statistics for all tables and indices (note that these are collected statistics, not live data):

    c.reltuples AS approximate_row_count,
    pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size(quote_ident(t.tablename)::text)) AS table_size,
    pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size(quote_ident(indexrelname)::text)) AS index_size,
    CASE WHEN indisunique THEN 'Y'
       ELSE 'N'
    idx_scan AS number_of_scans,
    idx_tup_read AS tuples_read,
    idx_tup_fetch AS tuples_fetched
FROM pg_tables t
LEFT OUTER JOIN pg_class c ON t.tablename=c.relname
    ( SELECT c.relname AS ctablename, ipg.relname AS indexname, x.indnatts AS number_of_columns, idx_scan, idx_tup_read, idx_tup_fetch, indexrelname, indisunique FROM pg_index x
           JOIN pg_class c ON c.oid = x.indrelid
           JOIN pg_class ipg ON ipg.oid = x.indexrelid
           JOIN pg_stat_all_indexes psai ON x.indexrelid = psai.indexrelid )
    AS foo
    ON t.tablename = foo.ctablename
WHERE t.schemaname='openremote'

Find transactions/queries waiting for more than 30 seconds:

SELECT pid, client_addr, now() - query_start AS duration, query, state
    FROM pg_stat_activity
    WHERE now() - query_start > interval '30 seconds';

Kill them with:

select pg_cancel_backend(pid);

More useful queries and maintenance operations can be found here:

You can log all queries taking longer than 2 seconds:

alter system set log_min_duration_statement=2000;
select pg_reload_conf();
show log_min_duration_statement;

To disable, set the duration to -1.

Use explain analyze <SQL query> to obtain the query plan and display it in

Diagnosing JVM memory problems

If the JVM was started with -XX:NativeMemoryTracking=summary, use this to get an overview (see here for more details):

docker exec -it openremote_manager_1 /usr/bin/jcmd 1 VM.native_memory summary

Otherwise, use jstat to monitor a running system/JVM.

Get current memory configuration:

docker exec -it openremote_manager_1 /usr/bin/jstat -gccapacity 1

Output contains:

NGCMN: Minimum new generation capacity (kB).
NGCMX: Maximum new generation capacity (kB).
NGC: Current new generation capacity (kB).
S0C: Current survivor space 0 capacity (kB).
S1C: Current survivor space 1 capacity (kB).
EC: Current eden space capacity (kB).
OGCMN: Minimum old generation capacity (kB).
OGCMX: Maximum old generation capacity (kB).
OGC: Current old generation capacity (kB).
OC: Current old space capacity (kB).
MCMN: Minimum metaspace capacity (kB).
MCMX: Maximum metaspace capacity (kB).
MC: Metaspace capacity (kB).
CCSMN: Compressed class space minimum capacity (kB).
CCSMX: Compressed class space maximum capacity (kB).
CCSC: Compressed class space capacity (kB).
YGC: Number of young generation GC events.
FGC: Number of full GC events.

The following command will connect to a Manager and print garbage collection statistics (polling 1000 times, waiting for 2.5 seconds):

docker exec -it openremote_manager_1 /usr/bin/jstat -gcutil 1 2500 1000

The output contains:

S0: Survivor space 0 utilization as a percentage of the space's current capacity.
S1: Survivor space 1 utilization as a percentage of the space's current capacity.
E: Eden space utilization as a percentage of the space's current capacity.
O: Old space utilization as a percentage of the space's current capacity.
M: Metaspace utilization as a percentage of the space's current capacity.
CCS: Compressed class space utilization as a percentage.
YGC: Number of young generation GC events.
YGCT: Young generation garbage collection time.
FGC: Number of full GC events.
FGCT: Full garbage collection time.
GCT: Total garbage collection time.

Force garbage collection with:

docker exec -it openremote_manager_1 /usr/bin/jcmd 1

Working on the JVM with a JMX command-line

Run jmxterm:

docker exec -it openremote_manager_1 java -cp /opt/app/lib/* org.cyclopsgroup.jmxterm.boot.CliMain

Welcome to JMX terminal. Type "help" for available commands.
$>open 1
#Connection to 1 is opened
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