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User Guide: Bluetooth Mesh

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Connect to a Bluetooth Mesh network via a Bluetooth Mesh proxy. Note that only linux docker host systems with a bluez protocol stack is supported.

Make sure that the file docker-compose.yml contains the following configuration settings:

    privileged: true
      - ...
      - /var/run/dbus:/var/run/dbus
      - btmesh-data:/btmesh
      - ...          

Agent configuration

The following describes the supported agent configuration attributes:

Attribute Description Value type Required
networkKey Bluetooth Mesh network key Text, format: <key index>:<key> (e.g. 0:5EBBC0FE3CCEF029C049B00F27DC8A5C) Y
applicationKey Bluetooth Mesh application key Text, format: <key index>:<key> (e.g. 0:2AD08F7660AA535FA7DE4C918241F04F) Y
proxyAddress Bluetooth Mesh proxy address - if omitted proxy with best RSSI is selected Text (e.g. B0:CE:18:A3:0B:09) N
sourceAddress Bluetooth Mesh source unicast address Text, format: 4 hexadecimal digits (e.g. 199A), range: 0001-7FFF Y
mtu Maximum transmission unit size for Bluetooth Mesh proxy communication - if omitted default value is 20 Positive Integer N
sequenceNumber Bluetooth Mesh sequence number - if omitted default value is 1 Positive Integer N

Agent link

For attributes linked to this agent, the following describes the supported agent link fields which are in addition to the standard Agent Link fields:

Field Description Value type Required
address Bluetooth Mesh destination unicast address Text, format: 4 hexadecimal digits (e.g. 0002), range: 0001-7FFF Y
appKeyIndex Bluetooth Mesh application key index Positive Integer Y
modelName Bluetooth Mesh model name Text (e.g. GenericOnOffClient) Y

Note that currently only the GenericOnOffClient Bluetooth Mesh model is supported.

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