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User Guide: SNMP Agent

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Connect to a SNMP server and listen to SNMP traps.

Agent configuration

The following describes the supported agent configuration attributes:

Attribute Description Value type Required
bindHost Bind hostname or IP address Hostname or IP address Y
bindPort Bind port Port number N (Default = 162)
SNMPVersionValue SNMP Version Text (V1, V2c, V3c) N

For attributes linked to this agent, the following describes the supported agent link fields which are in addition to the standard Agent Link fields:

Field Description Value type Required
type Agent type Text (Must be SNMPAgentLink) Y
oid The OID of the SNMP trap parameter Text (OID e.g. Y


Use a value of * for oid to retrieve the entire trap message.

Additional info

To test the agent link you can send the following message from a terminal:

sudo snmptrap -v 2c -c public <your-machines-ip-address> '' i 123456

The SNMP value attribute should now have the value 123456.