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User Guide: Generic protocols

Rich Turner edited this page Jul 2, 2019 · 3 revisions

Generic protocols whilst being very flexible require more configuration than targeted protocols due to their nature; below is some general information that relates to generic protocols and support/functionality will depend on individual protocol implementations.

Dynamic values

When writing to linked attributes it can be desirable to use insert the written value into a bigger payload before sending to the protocol; the dynamic value placeholder {$value} makes this possible and every occurrence within the bigger payload is replaced by the value written to the linked attribute.

Response value filtering

When a generic protocol returns a payload it can be desirable to filter that payload to extract a specific piece of information that should actually be written to the linked attribute; that is the purpose of the Value filters configuration item for protocol linked attributes, it takes an array of Value filters as serialised JSON Objects e.g.:

        "type": "json",
        "path": [
        "type": "regex",
        "pattern": ".*(\\d)$",
        "matchGroup": 1

The payload returned from the server is passed through each filter in the order specified in the JSON Array.

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