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Open Research Calendar

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Thank you for visiting the Open Research Calendar project repository.

This is the GitHub README

This page is a hub to give you some information about the tool, what you will find in this repository and how to contribute. Jump straight to one of the sections below, or scroll down to find out more.

What are we doing?

This tool was designed to facilitate communication and sharing of global open research events. It was built to help event organisers attract other interested parties to their events, and help individuals find events which they would like to join.

It exists as a community managed tool, where anyone is free to submit an event, and we rely on the community to report suspicious events to administrators for removal.

The tool incorporates freely available resources to receive event information, publish it to a Google calendar and Tweet about it to followers of @openresearchcal.

Further details of the processes and code used to run this tool are available in the Documents directory.

Who are we?

We are a small team or researchers who met at Advanced Methods in Reproducible Science 2020 and built on an idea which was submitted for a hackathon at the previous 2019 meeting. We continue to support and develop this community tool alongside our day jobs!

The developers and maintainers of this tool are (alphabetically):

We are supported by the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) so that we can elevate our infrastructure, support development, and raise awareness of this resource within our community.

What do we need?

Feedback and contributions!

The tool was designed, developed and launched in under 5 days in January 2020. Since then we have been making minor tweaks to the workflow.

We welcome feedback on any aspect of the tool via our github issues.

Contact us

Our Twitter and email accounts are fully automated so you cannot contact us through those. However, you can contact the team using the GitHub Repository.

Comment on this repository via github issues

Re-use and licensing

We'd love for you to re-use this tool for your own community! We are sharing our code and resources under the GNU Public License.

How to cite us

We are grateful for acknowledgement using the reference below. Note author order is alphabetical, for more detail see CRediT statement.

Cassandra D Gould van Praag, Bradley J Kennedy, Alexandra Lautarescu, & Esther Plomp. (2020, October 20). Open Research Calendar. Zenodo.