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#include <ngx_core.h>
#include <ngx_http.h>
#include <nginx.h>
#include "ngx_http_drizzle_module.h"
typedef enum {
drizzle_keepalive_overflow_ignore = 0,
} ngx_http_drizzle_keepalive_overflow_t;
typedef enum {
ngx_http_drizzle_protocol = 0,
} ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_protocol_t;
typedef struct {
#if defined(nginx_version) && nginx_version >= 8022
ngx_addr_t *addrs;
ngx_peer_addr_t *addrs;
ngx_uint_t naddrs;
in_port_t port;
ngx_str_t user;
ngx_str_t password;
ngx_str_t dbname;
ngx_str_t set_names_query;
ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_protocol_t protocol;
} ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_server_t;
typedef struct {
struct sockaddr *sockaddr;
socklen_t socklen;
ngx_str_t name;
in_port_t port;
ngx_str_t user;
ngx_str_t password;
ngx_str_t dbname;
ngx_str_t *set_names_query;
u_char *host;
ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_protocol_t protocol;
} ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_peer_t;
typedef struct {
unsigned single;
ngx_uint_t number;
ngx_str_t *name;
ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_peer_t peer[1];
} ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_peers_t;
typedef struct {
ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_peers_t *peers;
/* TODO: we might need "tried" from round robin peer data */
ngx_uint_t current;
/* of ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_server_t */
ngx_array_t *servers;
drizzle_st drizzle;
ngx_pool_t *pool;
/* keepalive related fields */
unsigned single;
ngx_queue_t free;
ngx_queue_t cache;
ngx_uint_t active_conns;
ngx_uint_t max_cached;
ngx_http_drizzle_keepalive_overflow_t overflow;
} ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_srv_conf_t;
typedef struct {
ngx_http_drizzle_loc_conf_t *loc_conf;
ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_srv_conf_t *srv_conf;
ngx_http_upstream_t *upstream;
ngx_http_request_t *request;
ngx_str_t dbname;
ngx_str_t query;
ngx_http_drizzle_state_t state;
drizzle_con_st *drizzle_con;
drizzle_result_st drizzle_res;
drizzle_column_st drizzle_col;
uint64_t drizzle_row;
ngx_str_t name;
ngx_chain_t **last_out;
ngx_buf_t *out_buf;
ngx_buf_t cached;
ngx_buf_t postponed;
size_t avail_out;
ngx_str_t charset;
ngx_str_t *set_names_query;
struct sockaddr sockaddr;
/* how many times this connection has been successfully used */
ngx_uint_t used;
unsigned failed:1;
unsigned seen_stream_end:1;
unsigned has_set_names:1;
unsigned enable_charset:1;
} ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_peer_data_t;
char * ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_server(ngx_conf_t *cf, ngx_command_t *cmd,
void *conf);
void * ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_create_srv_conf(ngx_conf_t *cf);
ngx_flag_t ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_is_my_peer(
const ngx_peer_connection_t *peer);
void ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_free_connection(ngx_log_t *log,
ngx_connection_t *c, drizzle_con_st *dc,
ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_srv_conf_t *dscf);
ngx_http_upstream_srv_conf_t * ngx_http_upstream_drizzle_add(
ngx_http_request_t *r, ngx_url_t *url);
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