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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-This module allows you to add, set, or clear any output header
-that you specify.
+This module allows you to add, set, or clear any output
+or input header that you specify.
This is an enhanced version of the standard
"headers" module because it provides more utilities like
@@ -8,10 +8,23 @@ resetting or clearing "builtin headers" like "Content-Type",
It also allows you to specify an optional HTTP status code
criteria using the -s option and an optional content
-type criteria using the -t option. For example,
+type criteria using the -t option while modifying the
+output headers. For example,
more_set_headers -s 404 -t 'text/html' 'X-Foo: Bar';
+Input headers can be modified as well. For example
+ location /foo {
+ more_set_input_headers 'Host: foo' 'User-Agent: faked';
+ # now $host, $http_host, $user_agent, and
+ # $http_user_agent all have their new values.
+ }
+The option -t is also available in the
+"more_set_input_headers" directive while the -s option
+is not allowed.
Variables are allowed in your new headers' values, for

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