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Dropped requests when more than 20 client headers #6

crdumoul opened this Issue Dec 29, 2011 · 4 comments


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crdumoul commented Dec 29, 2011

When more than 20 client headers are included in a response, the ngx_list_t for the headers will contain multiple parts. The function ngx_http_headers_more_rm_header in ngx_http_headers_more_util.c doesn't properly traverse the different parts of the list, which results in an error. The request is then dropped.

This situation can be reproduced by sending a request through nginx that contains more than 20 client headers, where the Host header is the last header.

The call stack to get to the relevant code looks like this:

(gdb) bt
#0  ngx_http_headers_more_rm_header (l=0x8f87124, h=0x8ff2748) at /opt/agentzh-headers-more-nginx-module-2cbbc15/src/ngx_http_headers_more_util.c:257
#1  0x080b2b99 in ngx_http_set_builtin_header (r=0x8f870f0, hv=0x8ff8358, value=0xbfd9a9f8) at /opt/agentzh-headers-more-nginx-module-2cbbc15/src/ngx_http_headers_more_headers_in.c:297
#2  0x080b2c96 in ngx_http_set_host_header (r=0x8f870f0, hv=0x8ff8358, value=0xbfd9a9f8) at /opt/agentzh-headers-more-nginx-module-2cbbc15/src/ngx_http_headers_more_headers_in.c:322
#3  0x080b2df7 in ngx_http_headers_more_exec_input_cmd (r=0x8f870f0, cmd=0x9115a50) at /opt/agentzh-headers-more-nginx-module-2cbbc15/src/ngx_http_headers_more_headers_in.c:151
#4  0x080b1de1 in ngx_http_headers_more_handler (r=0x8f870f0) at /opt/agentzh-headers-more-nginx-module-2cbbc15/src/ngx_http_headers_more_filter_module.c:285
#5  0x08074fe1 in ngx_http_core_rewrite_phase (r=0x8f870f0, ph=0x9117864) at src/http/ngx_http_core_module.c:915
#6  0x08071833 in ngx_http_core_run_phases (r=0x8f870f0) at src/http/ngx_http_core_module.c:861
#7  0x08076d13 in ngx_http_named_location (r=0x8f870f0, name=0xbfd9ab8c) at src/http/ngx_http_core_module.c:2555
#8  0x08077119 in ngx_http_core_try_files_phase (r=0x8f870f0, ph=0x91178b8) at src/http/ngx_http_core_module.c:1278
#9  0x08071833 in ngx_http_core_run_phases (r=0x8f870f0) at src/http/ngx_http_core_module.c:861
#10 0x08071932 in ngx_http_handler (r=0x8f870f0) at src/http/ngx_http_core_module.c:844
#11 0x0807be2f in ngx_http_process_request (r=0x8f870f0) at src/http/ngx_http_request.c:1667
#12 0x0807c4b9 in ngx_http_process_request_headers (rev=0xb718f0a4) at src/http/ngx_http_request.c:1113
#13 0x0807ca55 in ngx_http_process_request_line (rev=0xb718f0a4) at src/http/ngx_http_request.c:913
#14 0x08078e8b in ngx_http_init_request (rev=0xb718f0a4) at src/http/ngx_http_request.c:518
#15 0x0806aa71 in ngx_epoll_process_events (cycle=0x8f7e828, timer=60000, flags=1) at src/event/modules/ngx_epoll_module.c:678
#16 0x08061c06 in ngx_process_events_and_timers (cycle=0x8f7e828) at src/event/ngx_event.c:245
#17 0x08069074 in ngx_worker_process_cycle (cycle=0x8f7e828, data=0x0) at src/os/unix/ngx_process_cycle.c:801
#18 0x08067731 in ngx_spawn_process (cycle=0x8f7e828, proc=0x8068f98 , data=0x0, name=0x80b77af "worker process", respawn=-3) at src/os/unix/ngx_process.c:196
#19 0x0806856f in ngx_start_worker_processes (cycle=0x8f7e828, n=1, type=-3) at src/os/unix/ngx_process_cycle.c:360
#20 0x08069990 in ngx_master_process_cycle (cycle=0x8f7e828) at src/os/unix/ngx_process_cycle.c:136
#21 0x0804cd8b in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfd9b154) at src/core/nginx.c:411

The problem is when the "part" variable is re-assigned, the "data" variable is not also re-assigned.

A patch for the fix looks like this:

--- ngx_http_headers_more_util.c.orig   2011-12-29 11:42:59.089757781 -0500
+++ ngx_http_headers_more_util.c    2011-12-29 11:43:47.885757202 -0500
@@ -250,6 +250,7 @@
             part = part->next;
+            data = part->elts;
             h = part->elts;
             i = 0;

I was using version 0.14 of the code (, but it looks like the same problem is still in the latest version.


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agentzh commented Dec 30, 2011

thanks for the report! i'll look into this :)

agentzh added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 30, 2011

bugfix: removing builtin headers in huge request headers with 20+ ent…
…ries could result in data loss. thanks Chris Dumoulin for the patch in github issue #6.

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agentzh commented Dec 30, 2011

I've applied your patch in git master. Please confirm that it works for you :)

Thanks a lot!


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crdumoul commented Jan 2, 2012

I've confirmed that the problem is fixed in the master branch


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agentzh commented Jan 2, 2012

Thanks! I'm closing this issue :)

@agentzh agentzh closed this Jan 2, 2012

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