Lua CJSON is a fast JSON encoding/parsing module for Lua
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lua-cjson - Fast JSON encoding/parsing

Table of Contents


This fork of mpx/lua-cjson is included in the OpenResty bundle and includes a few bugfixes and improvements, especially to facilitate the encoding of empty tables as JSON Arrays.

Please refer to the lua-cjson documentation for standard usage, this README only provides informations regarding this fork's additions.

See mpx/master..openresty/master for the complete history of changes.

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syntax: cjson.encode_empty_table_as_object(true|false|"on"|"off")

Change the default behavior when encoding an empty Lua table.

By default, empty Lua tables are encoded as empty JSON Objects ({}). If this is set to false, empty Lua tables will be encoded as empty JSON Arrays instead ([]).

This method either accepts a boolean or a string ("on", "off").

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syntax: cjson.empty_array

A lightuserdata, similar to cjson.null, which will be encoded as an empty JSON Array by cjson.encode().

For example, since encode_empty_table_as_object is true by default:

local cjson = require "cjson"

local json = cjson.encode({
    foo = "bar",
    some_object = {},
    some_array = cjson.empty_array

This will generate:

    "foo": "bar",
    "some_object": {},
    "some_array": []

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syntax: setmetatable({}, cjson.array_mt)

When lua-cjson encodes a table with this metatable, it will systematically encode it as a JSON Array. The resulting, encoded Array will contain the array part of the table, and will be of the same length as the # operator on that table. Holes in the table will be encoded with the null JSON value.


local t = { "hello", "world" }
setmetatable(t, cjson.array_mt)
cjson.encode(t) -- ["hello","world"]


local t = {}
t[1] = "one"
t[2] = "two"
t[4] = "three" = "bar"
setmetatable(t, cjson.array_mt)
cjson.encode(t) -- ["one","two",null,"three"]

This value was introduced in the release of this module.

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syntax: setmetatable({}, cjson.empty_array_mt)

A metatable which can "tag" a table as a JSON Array in case it is empty (that is, if the table has no elements, cjson.encode() will encode it as an empty JSON Array).

Instead of:

local function serialize(arr)
    if #arr < 1 then
        arr = cjson.empty_array

    return cjson.encode({some_array = arr})

This is more concise:

local function serialize(arr)
    setmetatable(arr, cjson.empty_array_mt)

    return cjson.encode({some_array = arr})

Both will generate:

    "some_array": []

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syntax: cjson.encode_number_precision(precision)

This fork allows encoding of numbers with a precision up to 16 decimals (vs. 14 in mpx/lua-cjson).

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syntax: cjson.decode_array_with_array_mt(enabled)

default: false

If enabled, JSON Arrays decoded by cjson.decode will result in Lua tables with the array_mt metatable. This can ensure a 1-to-1 relationship between arrays upon multiple encoding/decoding of your JSON data with this module.

If disabled, JSON Arrays will be decoded to plain Lua tables, without the array_mt metatable.

The enabled argument is a boolean.


local cjson = require "cjson"

-- default behavior
local my_json = [[{"my_array":[]}]]
local t = cjson.decode(my_json)
cjson.encode(t) -- {"my_array":{}} back to an object

-- now, if this behavior is enabled

local my_json = [[{"my_array":[]}]]
local t = cjson.decode(my_json)
cjson.encode(t) -- {"my_array":[]} properly re-encoded as an array

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