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luarocks spec file #4

bakins opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants

Brian Akins Yichun Zhang
Brian Akins

consider including a spec file? Here's a simple one:

package = "lua-redis-parser"
version = "0.09-5"

description = {
    summary = "redis parser"

source = {
    url = "git://",
    tag = "v0.09rc5"

build = {
    type = "builtin",
    modules = {
              ["redis.parser"] =  { "redis-parser.c" }
Yichun Zhang

Sounds like a great idea :) Will you add that for us? Can I give you a commit bit to this project? I know very little about the luarocks spec file myself ;)

Brian Akins

Sure. I've done several for our internal projects.

Yichun Zhang

cool, i've added you to this project's collaborator list :) feel free to commit stuffs that you see fit ;) thanks!

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