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documented the limitation that we cannot work with ngx_echo's subrequ…

…est interfaces and recommend the use of ngx_lua to do subrequests. thanks wd.
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@@ -85,6 +85,15 @@ Directives
xss_input_types application/json text/plain;
+ * ngx_xss will not work with ngx_echo's subrequest interfaces, due to the underlying
+ limitations imposed by subrequests' "postponed chain" mechanism in the nginx core.
+ The standard ngx_addition module also falls into this category. You're recommended,
+ however, to use ngx_lua as the content handler to issue subrequests *and* ngx_xss
+ to do JSONP, because ngx_lua's ngx.location.capture() interface does not utilize the
+ "postponed chain" mechanism, thus getting out of this limitation. We're taking this
+ approach in production and it works great.
Trouble Shooting
Use the "info" error log level (or lower) to get more
diagnostics when things go wrong.

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