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OpenReview Python library

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Python 3.6 or newer is required to use openreview-py. Python 2.7 is no longer supported.


There are two ways to install the OpenReview python library.

Using pip:

pip install openreview-py

From the repository:

git clone
cd openreview-py
pip install -e .

Note: Depending on your Python installation you may need to use the command pip3 instead of pip.


The openreview-py library can be used to easily access and modify any data stored in the OpenReview system. For example, to get all the papers submitted to ICLR 2019 and print their titles:

import openreview

client = openreview.Client(baseurl='', username='<your username>', password='<your password>')
notes =, invitation='')
for note in notes:

For more information and examples, see the official docs.

Test Setup

Running the openreview-py test suite requires some initial setup. First, the OpenReview API backend and OpenReview web frontend must be installed locally and configured to run on ports 3000 and 3030. For more information on how to install and configure those services see the README for each project:

Next, pytest along with pytest-selenium and pytest-cov have to be installed. These packages can be installed with pip:

pip install pytest pytest-selenium pytest-cov

Finally, you must download the proper Firefox Selenium driver for your OS from GitHub, and place the geckodriver executable in the directory openreview-py/tests/drivers. When you are done your folder structure should look like this:

├── openreview-py
│   ├── tests
│   │   ├── data
│   │   ├── drivers
│   │   │    └── geckodriver

Run Tests

Once the test setup above is complete you should be ready to run the test suite. To do so, start the OpenReview API backend running on localhost:

NODE_ENV=circleci node scripts/clean_start_app.js

and in a new shell start the OpenReview web frontend: npm run dev

Once both are running, start the tests:


Note: If you have previously set environment variables with your OpenReview credentials, make sure to clear them before running the tests: unset OPENREVIEW_USERNAME && unset OPENREVIEW_PASSWORD

To run a single set of tests from a file, you can include the file name as an argument. For example:

pytest tests/


Official Python client library for the OpenReview API




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