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VIVO-ISF Data Standard

This repository is an organization-wide wiki, issue tracker, and later a VIVO-ISF website as Github Pages. Github does not provide such functionality and this repository is an attempt to workaround this limitation.

Ontology Download

Found your way here via the Download Ontology menu at You can get version 1.6 of vivo-isf-public at If you are looking for the full development versions of the VIVO-ISF Data Standard, it is in the src/ontology folder of the repo.

Issue tracker

Please use the issue tracker for this repository for starting any issue related to the VIVO-ISF Data Standard. Unless your issues is directly related to one of the other repositories, and it doesn't need community input or discussion, your issue should start as an issue in this GitHub repository. It can then continue in one of the other repositories as needed. The reason for doing this is to minimize what the general community needs to track here on GitHub, and to limit the exposure to more lower-level discussions that usually occur in the other repositories.


Please feel free to contribute to the wiki. There are various VIVO-ISF related resources on-line. Some of them will gradually migrate to this wiki but others will be linked to from one of the wiki pages.

Mailing list

Our mailing list is a public Google Groups mailing list accessible at:!forum/openrif-community

Chat room

Click the badge to join our chat room on Gitter: Join the chat at


This repository is community oriented wiki and issue tracker without any code. It is the community documentation and communication channel for the OpenRIF organization.



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