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Force11 Software Citation Working Group

##Mission Statement (WIP)

The software citation working group is a committee that will leverage the perspectives of a variety of existing initiatives working on software citation to produce a consolidated set of citation principles in order to encourage broad adoption of a consistent policy for software citation across disciplines and venues. The working group will review existing efforts and make a set of recommendations. These recommendations will be put up for endorsement by the organizations represented by this group and others that play an important role in the community.

The group will produce a set of principles, illustrated with working examples, and a plan for dissemination and distribution. This group will not be producing detailed specifications for implementation although it may review and discuss possible technical solutions.

See Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principle as a example of a similar deliverable.

Co-chairs: Arfon Smith & Daniel S. Katz & Kyle Niemeyer


Phase 1 (June - July 2015)

Kick off meeting (telecon) with goals of:

  • Establish interest/backgrounds of working group participants.
  • Review mission statement, timeline and goals
  • Seek out additional participants (if we're missing key individuals)

Phase 2 (July - September 2015)

  • Gather materials documenting existing practices in member disciplines
  • Gather materials from workshops and other reports
  • Review materials, identifying overlaps and differences

Phase 3 (September 2015 - January 2016)

  • Drafting of Software Citation Principles (possibly in person at WSSSPE, Boulder, CO - 28/29 September)
  • Seek community feedback on draft
  • Iterate

Phase 4 (January - March 2016)

  • Software Citation Principles proposed final draft complete.
  • Seek out community endorsements for draft principles.

Phase 5 (April 2016)

  • Presentation of formal recommendations at Force11 2016

Communication plan

  • Monthly telecons
  • GitHub for documentation/iterating on content
  • Google groups for general discussion
  • Force11 email list for announcements


If you are interested in joining the group, please:

  1. Add yourself to the list below through a pull request
  2. To add yourself to the group mailing list and group folder on Force11:
Name Affiliation Role
Alberto Accomazzi (@aaccomazzi) Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Participant
Alice Allen (@owlice) Astrophysics Source Code Library Participant
Micah Altman (@maltman) Program on Information Science, MIT Participant
Jay Jay Billings (@jayjaybillings) Oak Ridge National Laboratory Participant
Carl Boettiger (@cboettig) UC Berkeley Participant
Jed Brown (@jedbrown) CU Boulder Participant
Sou-Cheng Choi (@sctchoi) NORC at the University of Chicago and Illinois Institute of Technology Participant
Neil Chue Hong (@npch) Software Sustainability Institute Participant
Tom Crick (@tomcrick) Cardiff Metropolitan University Participant
Mercè Crosas (@mcrosas) IQSS, Harvard University Participant
Scott Edmunds (@ScottBGI) GigaScience, BGI Hong Kong Participant
Christopher Erdmann (@libcce) Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Participant
Martin Fenner (@mfenner) DataCite Participant
Darel Finkbeiner (@darelf) OSTI Participant
Ian Gent (@turingfan) University of St Andrews, Participant
Carole Goble (@carolegoble) The University of Manchester, Software Sustainability Institute Participant
Paul Groth (@pgroth) Elsevier Labs Participant
Melissa Haendel (@mellybelly) OHSU Participant
Stephanie Hagstrom (@sthagstrom) Force11 Participant
Robert Hanisch (@rjhanisch) NIST/ODI Participant
Edwin Henneken (@ehenneken) Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Participant
Ivan Herman (@iherman) W3C Participant
Konrad Hinsen (@khinsen) CNRS Participant
James Howison (@jameshowison) UTexas Participant
Lorraine Hwang (@ljhwang) UC Davis Participant
Thomas Ingraham (@tingraham) F1000Research Participant
Matthew B. Jones (@mbjones) NCEAS, UC Santa Barbara Participant
Catherine Jones ([@cm-j0nes] ( Science and Technology Facilities Council Participant
Daniel S. Katz (@danielskatz) University of Illinois Co-chair
Alexander Konovalov (@alex-konovalov) University of St Andrews Participant
John Kratz (@JEK-III) California Digital Library Participant
Jennifer Lin (@jenniferlin15) Public Library of Science Participant
Frank Löffler (@knarrff) Louisiana State University Participant
Brian Matthews (@brianmatthews42) Science and Technology Facilites Council Participant
Abigail Cabunoc Mayes (@acabunoc) Mozilla Science Lab Participant
Daniel Mietchen (@Daniel-Mietchen) NIH Participant
Bill Mills (@BillMills) Mozilla Science Lab Participant
Evan Misshula (@EMisshula) CUNY Graduate Center Participant
August Muench (@augustfly) American Astronomical Society Participant
Fiona Murphy (@DrFionalm) Independent Researcher Participant
Lars Holm Nielsen (@lnielsen) CERN Participant
Kyle Niemeyer (@kyleniemeyer) Oregon State University Co-chair
Robert Peters (@rcpeters) Participant
Tom Pollard (@tompollard) MIT Participant
Karthik Ram (@_inundata) University of California, Berkeley Participant
Fernando Rios (@zoidy) Johns Hopkins University Participant
Ashley Sands (@ashleysa) UCLA Information Studies Participant
Soren Scott (@roomthily) Independent Researcher Participant
Frank J. Seinstra (@fjseins) Netherlands eScience Center Participant
Arfon Smith (@arfon) GitHub Co-chair
Kaitlin Thaney (@kaythaney) Mozilla Science Lab Participant
Ilian Todorov (@iliant) STFC Participant
Matt Turk (@MatthewTurk) University of Illinois Participant
Miguel de Val-Borro (@migueldvb) Princeton University Participant
Daan Van Hauwermeiren (@DaanVanHauwermeiren) Ghent University Participant
Stijn Van Hoey (@StijnVanHoey) Ghent University Participant
Belinda Weaver (@weaverbel) The University of Queensland Participant
Nic Weber (@nniiicc) University of Washington iSchool Participant
Marijane White (@marijane) OHSU Participant
Qian Zhang (@paopao74cn) University of Illinois Participant

(this list is in alphabetic order by surname; please keep it that way when making additions)


Force11 Software Citation Working Group






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