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openOCD including OpenRISC with adv_debug_sys
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Signed-off-by: Franck Jullien <>
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contrib Added SPIFI flash driver, algorithms, and docs
doc docs: mention extended-remote support
jimtcl @ 43d0866 jimtcl: update jim to fix make clean bug
src or1k: fix wrong masking of incoming in_status byte
tcl Merge git://
testing flash: retire unused eCos flash driver
tools tools: fixed to accept spaces in current path
.gitignore topic: Ignored TAGS files.
.gitmodules gitmodules: use http protocol for git2cl module
AUTHORS Add AUTHORS for 0.2.0 release.
AUTHORS.ChangeLog Add AUTHORS.ChangeLog file suitable to be passed to 'svn2cl --authors'.
BUGS doc: Update patch procedure
COPYING Updating FSF Address.
ChangeLog fix typos in documentation docs: enable local structs in doxygen output
HACKING Update link and instructions about ssh keys in HACKING Add missing files (header and .txt) for release.
NEWS Restore -dev suffix, archive NEWS file, add new blank NEWS file - start
NEWS-0.2.0 whitespace cleanup, mostly for docs
NEWS-0.3.0 Version 0.4.0-dev
NEWS-0.4.0 Open the merge window for the 0.5.0 release cycle.
NEWS-0.5.0 Archive and recreate NEWS file.
NEWS-0.6.0 Restore -dev suffix, archive NEWS file, add new blank NEWS file - start
NEWTAPS docs: update project url's
README Merge git://
README.Win32 whitespace cleanup, mostly for docs Update
TODO flash: retire unused eCos flash driver
altera-dev.tcl Add altera-dev.tcl file
bootstrap bootstrap: Various code improvements jim-nvp is moving from jimtcl to openocd
config_subdir.m4 build: fix subconfigure parameter issue Merge git:// Change version labels to work better with GIT
jtag_vpi.tcl Move jtag_vpi_set_port to jtag_vpi.cfg
run.txt Add tap configuration for jtag_vpi
uncrustify.cfg build: update uncrustify config

Unless you are using the classic Mohor debug interface, you should now use the upstream version of OpenOCD


openOCD including OpenRISC support with Mohor debug interface and Nathan Yawn adv_dbg_if debug interface.

A JTAG driver acting as a client for a VPI JTAG server interface is also included.

+---------------     +----------------+      +----------------+      +------------------+      +----------+ 
+              +     +                +      +                +      +                  +      +          + 
+ OpenOCD core + --> + JAG VIP driver + <==> + JAG VIP server + <--> + JTAG VPI verilog + <--> + JTAG TAP + 
+              +     +                +      +                +      +                  +      +          + 
+---------------     +----------------+      +----------------+      +------------------+      +----------+
                         jtag_vpi.c              jtag_vpi.c               jtag_vpi.v             any tap...
--------------------------------------- TCP  ------------------  VPI --------------------------------------
---------------------------------------      --------------------------------------------------------------
              OpenOCD                                                VPI + Verilog RTL

If you want to use the VPI JTAG driver, you need to configure OpenOCD like this:

./configure --enable-jtag_vpi --enable-adv_debug_sys --enable-maintainer-mode

Then you can start OpenOCD:

./src/openocd -f jtag_vpi.tcl

The JTAG VPI server (on the simulation side) has to be started before OpenOCD.

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