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or1ksim Tutorial

If you downloaded the tutorials as a release archive, you can directly start. If you have cloned the git repository, you instead need to follow the instructions for building the hardware and software as described below. Please also follow the common tutorial setup.

To run the demo you need:

  • or1k-sim in your PATH, check with

      or1k-sim --version

Run hello world

or1k-sim -f or1ksim.cfg hello.elf

You can find that the last output is Hello World!. or1ksim can be much more verbose and give you a full execution trace:

or1k-sim -f or1ksim.cfg hello.elf -t

This is of course a lot slower and the simulation exits after a while. You can finish the simulation before with CTRL+C, which will take you to the simulators command line ((sim) ). You can exit the command line with quit.

Run the timer example

or1k-sim -f or1ksim.cfg timer.elf

In the terminal you can see an UART output every simulated second. You can quit this as described before.

Boot Linux

You can also boot Linux:

or1k-sim -f or1ksim.cfg ../vmlinux

(Re-)build the baremetal software

Some example software is available, that you can (re-)build for the DE0 nano board by running

make build-sw