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This is a list of short to mid-term development goals for OPENRNDR

  • A way of playing multi-channel sound, supporting more than 8 channels
  • ✔️ Asynchronous loading of images by using a secondary shared GL-context from a thread
  • ✔️ Multi-threaded rendering
  • Raspberry PI support, this requires the implementation of an OpenGLES back-end
  • ✔️ Documentation and a friendly API for OPENRNDR-Panel
  • Presentation quality video player, the current video player is only suited for video processing
  • ✔️ Support for webcams
  • 3D drawing primitives, either in-library or through an extension library -> DNKY

long-term goals:

  • Vulkan back-end
  • Libfreetype based glyph rendering
  • Support for non-latin alphabets
  • A custom shader language for shadestyles
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