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Releases: openrocket/openrocket

OpenRocket 23.09 (2023-11-16)

16 Nov 15:21
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You can find a visual overview of what's new for this release on our website.

Major Updates

New Features:

  • 3D Printing Support: Export any component or combination to OBJ file (fixes #604)
  • RASAero compatibility: Import/Export CDX1 files (fixes #875 and #1147)
  • Dark mode (normal and high-contrast) and custom UI font size support (fixes #1089)
  • Export sim table to CSV (fixes #2077)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Tube fin drag (fixes #2065)
  • Fix Base drag when using Cd override (fixes base drag hack sim error, fixes #2118)
  • Fix Atmospheric pressure when using ISA conditions (fixes #2103)
  • Properly sanitize XML in ORK file (eliminates corrupt ORK files, fixes #2051)

Other New Features

  • Bumped app to Java 17
  • Export and import preferences to XML file
  • Display secondary stability unit. This means you can display stability in both calibers and percentage of length (fixes #2079)
  • Added "cases" and "manufacturers" substitution in motor config names (fixes #2055 and #2204)
  • Selection of "common name" or "manufacturer's designation" in motor selection table is now reflected everywhere else in the program (fixes #2072)
  • Added "plugged" option in charge delay combobox (fixes #2090)
  • Added motor type to "show details" in motor selection (fixes #2069)
  • Added instances settings in launch lug config (fixes #2035)
  • Account for fin cant in fin root points, and support canted fins in fin marking guide (fixes #2231 and #2242)
  • Set cluster tube separation in absolute or relative units (fixes #1970)
  • Support transparent rendering and export of Photo Studio images (fixes #2076)
  • Added "Select -> Components of same color" and "Select -> None" options (fixes #2129)
  • Remember column width, order and visibility in component preset table (fixes #2357)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mass issues with fin sets (fixes #2217)
  • Fixed CG issues for launch lugs and rail buttons (fixes #2040)
  • Improved rail button drag calculations
  • Added parts detail for pods and boosters (fixes #2084)
  • Fixed parachute position when using auto radius (fixes #2036)
  • Fixed pod set and booster marker position under certain circumstances (fixes #2047)
  • Fix CG marker location in top view (fixes #2050)
  • Handle zero-area fins (warn and don't crash with NaN error) (fixes #2032)
  • Don't dispose config dialog when no components are selected in 3D view (fixes #2108)
  • Display ISA values in temp and pressure fields (fixes #2104)
  • Improved simulation of fins on transitions and nose cones (fixes #2113)
  • Cleaned up multi-sim editing (fixes #2138 and #1826)
  • Update ruler units immediately when preferences are changed (fixes #2151)
  • Compute CG and CP based on currently active stages (fixes #2171)
  • Improved mass/CG calculations for fillets (fixes 2209)
  • Set auto radius correctly for mass objects (fixes #2267)
  • Apply radial positioning to multi-engine clusters (fixes #2283)
  • Fixed 3D rendering of fin tabs (fixes #2286)
  • Update recent file list when opening via file association (fixes #2222)
  • Corrected the columns displayed in the component preset table's popup menu, ensuring only relevant columns appear
  • Ensured optimum delay is saved in flight summary and .ork files (fixes #2353)
  • Corrected longitudinal moment of inertia calculations by excluding shoulders (fixes #2278)
  • Fixed exception when setting wind speed to zero (fixes #2386)
  • Fixed unexpected mass and CG override interaction (fixes #2394)


  • Updated example rockets (including brand-new two stage example)
  • Show calculated values in override tab (fixes #1629)
  • Decrease minimum FoV to 10 degrees in Photo Studio
  • Increase resolution of launch temperature and pressure to 2 decimal places (fixes #2003)
  • Display Cd override with 3 decimal places
  • Added wiki button to help menu (fixes #2046)
  • Eliminate option to save "some" sim data (fixes #2024)
  • Added OK/Cancel buttons when editing simulations (fixes #2158)
  • Added OK/Cancel buttons when editing preferences (fixes #2266)
  • Added multi-sim edit indicators (fixes #2159)
  • Show warning when motor file has illegal format (fixes #2150)
  • Reset window position if off-screen (fixes #2141)
  • Keep current field value when "auto" option is unchecked (fixes #2096)
  • Open dialog to save design info when first saving file
  • Added '3D Printable Nose Cone and Fins' to example rockets
  • Use more sensible colors for thrust curve selection in motor selection dialog (fixes #2385)

...along with numerous other minor fixes and enhancements.

Contributors for this release:
@SiboVG @JoePfeiffer @hcraigmiller @neilweinstock @RemingtonHolder @thzero @UncleRus @raynichc @MayNc10 @ptsongalis @JonathanJagt23 @wolsen @jura0207 @janforys @MedKebsi @luzpaz @jimmiedave @SpaceXCheeseWheel

OpenRocket 22.02 (2023-02-08)

08 Feb 20:39
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The 22.02 release includes hundreds of new features, bug fixes, and UI improvements, more than we could ever fit into one set of release notes. These notes summarize the highlights of the entire release; for more detail consult the notes from the five previous public beta releases.

Please note that version 22.02 is required for Macs running macOS 13.0 or later.

New Features

  • Rocket design features
    • Pods and strap-on boosters
    • Tail cones
    • Freeform fins on nose cones and transitions
    • Highly configurable rail buttons
    • Massive update to parachute configuration and part library
    • Dave Cook's extensive component library now built-in
    • Coefficient of Drag Override for components and assemblies (and more flexible override settings in general)
    • Lots more detailed geometry warnings which identify the components involved
  • Appearance updates
    • Settable opacity per-component
    • Separate left/right appearance for fins, and inner/outer appearance for tubes
  • App Infrastructure
    • Packaged installers for Windows, Linux, and macOS (JAR file still available)
    • Updated to Java 11
    • Native ARM version for Apple Silicon Macs (snappy!)
    • File association for ORK files: double-click files to open in the app
    • On Mac, app stays open after last window is closed

Simulation and Staging Improvements

  • Assorted CP calculation fixes
  • Improved nose cone drag calculations
  • Improved ground hit velocity calculations
  • Completely reworked tube fin simulation (no longer "experimental")
  • Improved time step selection for descent
  • Improved simulation plot appearance
  • Support for scientific notation and custom decimal places in simulation exports
  • Simulations now properly account for disabled stages
  • Update CG correctly when stages are toggled on or off
  • Display stage names in stage enable buttons
  • More reliable deployment of booster stage recovery device

UI Improvements

  • Updated icons everywhere
  • Rocket figure display updates
    • Option to display stability margin as percentage of rocket length
    • New "Top View" option
    • Cleaned-up toolbar
    • Option to show/hide warnings
    • Option to show/hide CG and CP markings
    • Improved click and double-click behavior on rocket
  • Component Configuration Editor
    • Extensively reorganized for clarity and consistency
    • Massively improved keyboard navigation
    • Config panels remember which tab you were on previously
    • Cancel button to exit config panel without saving changes
  • Contextual menus for managing the component tree
  • Simultaneous multi-component edit (great for appearance editing)
  • Completely updated operation of motor config and simulation tables
  • Improved workflow when creating motor configurations
  • Greatly improved component library browser
  • Greatly improved freeform fin editor operation
  • Photo Studio
    • sliders for settings
    • keyboard input for settings
    • settings remembered for each rocket


  • Extensively updated and reorganized example rocket collection
  • Much improved RockSim import and export
  • Updated motor database about a billion bug fixes and so much more.

Huge thanks to all the users who gave us feedback throughout the public beta period and helped us get to our first release in eight years!

Contributors for this release:
@SiboVG @JoePfeiffer @neilweinstock @hcraigmiller @wolsen @teyrana @itshanney @ChrisMickelson @BigsonLvrocha @neilbalch @wcravens @rsammelson @alexkarezin @dkingsley @matt-kendall @kruland2607 @raketenolli @DanielLyi @yasunari89 @bweissinger @SpamWall @tibbe @alexrallen @Hoolean @celeron533

OpenRocket 22.02.beta.05 (2022-09-28)

28 Sep 20:52
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New Features

  • C_D Override for subassemblies now implemented. Please test! See this wiki help page for important instructions (fixes #1171)
  • Simulations now properly account for disabled stages (fixes #1477 and #1460)
  • Rail Button improvements:
    • Additional parameters for rail buttons (fixes #1537)
    • Added rail buttons to preset parts database
    • Scaling now supported for rail buttons (fixes #1661)
  • Mass objects maintain fixed volume when container diameter changes in auto mode (fixes #1315)
  • Inner tubes can have custom inner/outer appearance (fixes #1509)

UI Improvements

  • Visually select child components of assembly components when selecting the parent (fixes #1489). Try selecting a pod, stage, or booster and see.
  • Significant improvements to preset selection window (fixes #1481)
  • Added sliders to Photo Studio settings (fixes #1524)
  • Show markers for pods and boosters in rocket side view (fixes #1146)
  • Major improvements to focus behavior. Keyboard navigation in the Component Config dialog is now much more convenient.
    • When setting focus to a spinner field, select the entire field by default (fixes #1506)
    • After selecting a preset, automatically highlight most commonly edited parameter (fixes #1488). So, for example, after selecting a body tube preset the Length parameter will be selected by default.
    • Restore focus to motors, recovery, stage and simulation tables after table action and others (fixes #1558). Simply put, you shouldn't need to click in the table areas just to enable keyboard shortcuts to work.
    • Use tab and arrow keys to traverse sim table (fixes #1552)
  • Added and/or improved hover texts on a bunch of different buttons and controls
  • Apply preset after double-clicking (fixes #1539)
  • Pre-check diameter filters in preset chooser (fixes #1480)
  • Preset selection window opens larger, and remembers column widths (fixes #1305). Separate column widths are remembered for each component type.
  • Ctrl/Cmd+A (select all) keyboard shortcut in component tree, simulation and motor configuration tables (fixes #1549)

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Scripting now works again. Please test! (fixes #308, #826, #1108, and #1270)
  • Don't re-run simulations when new sim is created with same motor (fixes #1510)
  • Ensure simulations finish when running from scripts (fixes #1575)
  • Fixed Cd reporting for fin sets (fixes #1440)
  • Move component config window back to same monitor as main app window first time it is opened. No more lost config windows! (fixes #1470)
  • Rocket side view updates
    • Don't recenter rocket when zooming (fixes #1464)
    • Ensure full rocket is always visible and positioned correctly in rocket side view (fixes #1465)
  • Fixed root edge display in 3D view and fin templates (fixes #1227). This matters when you are attaching fins to a nose cone or transition.
  • Numerous bug fixes in component scaling (fixes #1649, #1651, #1653, #1661, #1662, and #1663)
  • Better register of double-clicks in 3D view (fixes #1054)
  • Increased component analysis drag precision to three decimal digits (fixes #1476)
  • Select recovery device/stage after config panel select (fixes #1490)
  • Fixed an exception when scaling freeform fins (fixes #1520)
  • Improved performance of freeform fin shape editor (fixes #1533)
  • Better automatic calculation of fin tab sizes (fixes #1600)
  • Fixed simulation errors when there were empty stages in the design (fixes #1617)
  • Fixed stage activeness not updating when moving, deleting, or copying stages (fixes #1680)
  • Fixed exception for zero-length transitions and nose cones (fixes #1677)


  • Don't open motor selection dialog when duplicating motor configurations (fixes #1555)
  • A bunch of updated component icons
  • Added icons to most buttons
  • Improvements to Undo behavior when adding new components (fixes #1513)
  • Improvements to scale dialog (fixes #411)
  • Component tree now set to reasonable minimum width (fixes #1648)
  • Removed "show all compatible" option in preset chooser (fixes #1405)
  • Cleaned up several of the example rockets
  • Added warning to launch preferences that changes only affect new sims (fixes #1497)
  • Fixed overlapping labels in motor selection diameter filter slider (fixes #1643)
  • More Russian translation updates

OpenRocket 22.02.beta.04 (2022-06-17)

17 Jun 16:57
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Please note: For this new beta, the packaged installers are now back to using Java 11, due to multiple bug reports related to Java 17.
However, the JAR file will still allow Java 11 or 17, so if you want to keep experimenting with Java 17 then feel free.

New Features

  • File association now works on all platforms (fixes #1135)
  • Contextual menus now available via right-click throughout the program
  • Edit multiple selected items at once (great for appearance editing!)
  • Show/hide CG/CP markings in rocket display
  • Support for custom decimal places and exponential notation in simulation exports (fixes #1307 and #1354)
  • Simulation warning when no recovery device is enabled (fixes #1436)
  • Remember previously selected tab when opening component edit dialog (fixes #974)
  • On Mac, app remains open when last window is closed (normal Mac behavior)

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Tube fins are fixed! Both CP and drag calculations should be good now. So good that we are no longer calling tube fin support "experimental". Feedback please! (fixes #1258)
  • Guarantee fit in rocket view (fixes #1231 and #1351)
  • Corrected mass display in some situations (fixes #1409)
  • Show combined mass of multi-selected components when hovering (fixes #1411)
  • Fix greyed-out buttons on Mac (fixes #1099)
  • Improve scalability of Motors and Configurations tab (fixes #1285)


  • Many component edit dialogs reorganized for consistency and clarity
  • Loads more tweaks to parachute and streamer config dialog
  • Modified file size estimation in Save dialog. Feedback please!
  • Improved layout of rocket view ribbon
  • Improved icons for zoom buttons, and launch lugs and tube fins
  • Added sliders to Pod Set config
  • Preset dialog now sorted by manufacturer by default
  • Updated guided tours
  • Improved Russian translation

OpenRocket 22.02.beta.03 (2022-05-18)

19 May 01:25
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New Features

  • Big improvements to parachutes:
    • Added manufacturers: Front Range, Fruity Chutes, Rocketman, b2 Rocketry, Spherachutes
    • Added additional fields to preset DB (e.g. spill holes)
    • Automatic packed size calculation (for select chute manufacturers only)
    • Parachute mass is automatically overridden with manufacturer data (when available)
    • Parachute component name is automatically populated with preset description

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Tube fin drag simulation has been extensively rewritten. This should fix flight simulations of tube fin models. Please test your sims and let us know how it works for you (fixes issue 1207). Note that CP calculations for tube fins are still not fixed.
  • Improved ground hit velocity estimation (partially fixes issue 1349)
  • Rail buttons now included in Fin Marking Guide (fixes issue 1259)
  • Tube fin sets now included in Fin Marking Guide (fixes issue... ah, there wasn't one)
  • Override mass now divides when fin set is split (fixes issue 1292)
  • Fixes exception when splitting fin sets (fixes issue 1302)
  • Hovering over pod set reports total mass of pod set (fixes issue 1291)
  • Fixes exception when putting fins on transitions (fixes issue 1247)
  • Opacity slider now stays in sync with alpha changes in color selector (fixes issue 1326)


  • Major cleanup of File menu. Let us know how you like it.
  • Improved time step selection for descent
  • Java 17 is now included in the packaged installers and supported by the JAR file.

OpenRocket 22.02.beta.02 (2022-03-26)

26 Mar 18:03
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NOTE: Tube fin simulation is currently broken, and will be fixed in a future beta.

New Features

  • Check Java version at startup (requires Java 11)
  • Opacity slider on appearance panel
  • Export sim plots as PNG images

Notable Bug Fixes

  • RockSim Import/Export
    • Corrected position offsets when importing and exporting (fixes issue 1164)
    • Corrected fin shape when importing (fixes issue 1220)
  • Side boosters
    • Added stage selector for side boosters (fixes issue 1208)
    • Fixed simulation bug with side boosters (fixes issue 1210)
    • Eliminated warning when loading designs with boosters (fixes issue 1196)
    • Fixed Simulation Plot range with boosters (fixes issue 1228)
  • More reliable creation of simulation when creating a new configuration (fixes issue 1163)
  • No longer need to click on motor config to get flight data (fixes issue 1175)
  • Motor database search more robust, especially for CTI (fixes issue 1174)
  • More accurate and reliable simulation of fins on transitions (fixes issues 1173 and 1243)
  • plus other miscellaneous fixes


  • Set default color for all components to #BBBBBB, with Shine=30 (closes issue 1192)
  • Update Mac installer style to more standard "drag app to Applications folder"

OpenRocket 22.02.beta.01 (2022-02-25)

25 Feb 22:29
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OpenRocket now requires Java 11 for execution. We highly recommend to use the packaged installers for your operating system.

Notable changes

  • Pods
  • Drop-off Boosters
  • Rail Buttons
  • Attach freeform fins to nose cones and transitions
  • Coefficient of Drag override
  • Added Dave Cook's rocket component library
All Changes


  • Update to Java 11
  • Distributed as packaged installers

New Rocket Design Capabilities

  • Pods
  • Drop-off Boosters
  • Rail buttons
  • Attach freeform fins to nose cones and transitions
  • Coefficient of Drag override
  • Added Dave Cook's rocket component library

Staging Improvements

  • Update CG correctly when stages are toggled
  • Display stage names instead of numbers in Stage enable buttons
  • Reported length reflects length of selected stages only
  • More reliable deployment of booster stage recovery device
  • Fixed booster tumbling behavior
  • Eliminate exceptions during multi-stage simulation
  • Improved accuracy of nose cone simulation

Simulation Improvements

  • Assorted CP calculation fixes
  • Improved nose cone drag calculations
  • Properly run all simulations when any design change is made
  • Use actual burn time for determination of burnout event
  • Improve mass calculation accuracy for motors
  • Correct linear interpolation of motor CG
  • Copy Simulation results to clipboard
  • Report wind speed correctly
  • Improved ground hit velocity calculations
  • Run simulations all the way to the end
  • No more warning if recovery device is deployed while motor is coasting

Rocket Appearance

  • Support rendering of transparent or translucent components
  • Separate inside and outside color for tube components
  • Separate left and right appearance for fin components

User Interface

  • Multi-select/copy/paste components in the tree
  • Option to display rocket stability as percentage of length
  • Improved layout on many windows and dialogs
  • Now use "Export" to save to RKT format
  • Improved File Dialog behavior
  • Multi-select/delete motor configurations
  • Improved UI appearance on Mac
  • Motor Selection
    • Automatically open motor selection dialog when adding new motor configuation
    • Added checkbox to hide motors which are out of production
    • Highlight motor mount in rocket display when motor is selected
  • Many improvements to freeform fin editor, including
    • More accurate insertion of new points
    • Highlight coordinates of selected point
    • Export fin profile to CSV file
    • Fixed scrolling and zooming
  • Improvements to Photo Studio
    • Respond instantly to design changes
    • Settings saved per rocket
    • Settings layout improved
    • Settings values can now be entered via keyboard


  • Updated motor list to latest data from
  • Added additional fields to motors
  • Disable fin-thickness warnings on phantom tubes
  • Added warning message for phantom body tubes
  • Updated print dialog to allow simulation control
  • Improved Rocksim import
  • Added or improved Spanish, Dutch, and simplified Chinese translations many, many additional bug fixes and refinements

OpenRocket 15.03 (2015-03-28)

03 Nov 14:42
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OpenRocket now requires Java 1.7 for execution. Please note that this version will not work with a version of Java more recent than Java 8. If you have a more recent version on your computer (as nearly everyone does), you will not be able to run the .jar file below without downgrading. In this case, the most straightforward way to run this version is to download the packaged installers for OSX (the .dmg file) or Windows (the .exe file), or the appimage for Linux.

New Features

  • Experimental support for tube fins
  • Updated thrustcurves
  • Scriptable simulation extensions
  • Fin fillet mass
  • Better icons for different kinds of masses - altimeters, computers, etc.
  • Configurable default mach number
  • Improved preferences UI

Bug Fixes

  • Always use the correct filename extension when saving

OpenRocket 14.11 (2014-11-02)

03 Nov 22:42
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New Features

  • Updated thrustcurves

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a couple of bugs.

OpenRocket 14.06 (2014-06-25)

03 Nov 22:43
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New Features

  • Klima motor textures
  • Added knots to windspeed and velocity units
  • Updated thrustcurves

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed annoying IndexOutOfBounds bug in tables.