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Meta project for all of the OpenROV Software projects
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#OpenROV Software

"OpenROV is a DIY telerobotics community centered around underwater exploration & adventure."

There are many projects that make up the software suites used in the OpenROV products which include the ROV (remote operated vehicles), the control system, and cloud services.

###On the ROV###


##Related Non-Software repos##

##Getting latest software

If your looking for the latest stable software bundle for the ROV, it is listed on the ROV product page.

If your looking for the latest development image, please refer to the openrov-image

##Reporting issues

All software issues, regardless should be reported to this repositories issue list.


##How to Contribute##

Contributions require that you sign a CLA before the project can accept your pull requests.

For details on how to contribute please review the Contibuting guide


There are multiple licenses involved. Please refer to the individual projects for details.

Our intent is to provide dual licensed software that is free and hackable for non-commerical use and an option for those that do want to use it as part of a commercial offering.

Our documentation, hardware and electronics are licensed with Creative Commons licenses.

Please contact us with an issue on our forums if you need clarification about the licenses. You can send a Private Message to @badevguru via the forum if you have questions about other licensing options.

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