OpenRSP: open-ended response theory.
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OpenRSP: open-ended response theory

Copyright 2015-2018 OpenRSP authors.

OpenRSP is a computer program that uses recursive routines to identify and assemble contributions to molecular properties ("response properties") as they are formulated in the theory "response theory" which is used in theoretical chemistry.

The code is distributed under the LGPL v2.1.

Project website:

  1. Please refer to doc/manual/installation.rst and doc/manual/unit_testing.rst for how to install OpenRSP and its unit testing.
  2. Please refer to doc/manual and doc/tutorial for how to use OpenRSP.
  3. Limitations and known problems of OpenRSP, and our future plans can be found in doc/manual/limitations.rst and doc/manual/future_plans.rst.
  4. If you have used OpenRSP and found it is useful, please consider to cite the references in
  5. Please refer to doc/developer if you would like to contribute.
  6. Important files and directories are described in doc/developer/files_and_directories.rst.