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Hypervisor for openruko dynos (wraps over LXC)
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Add etc/profile to provision

This etc/profile load all .sh files from app/.profile.d
All commands inside lxc, should call bash --login before
any command to load app's environment variables defined
at app/.profile.d.
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Roger Leite authored

DynoHost - Hypervisor for dynos

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Dynohost is a small host controller written in node.js that provisions, proxies communications, and handle state changes of its dyno guests. It runs on each node that will host dynos, it calls into the API server periodically to pick up new jobs and reports status changes back to the API server's restful interface.


Tested on Linux 3.2 using nodejs 0.8

On a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 LTS instance:

apt-get install lxc
apt-get install curl
apt-get install nodejs g++ libssl0.9.8

Please share experiences with CentOS, Fedora etc.. as dynohost has a direct dependency on LXC (Linux lightweight containers) it will not work on non Linux systems. There could be future scope to extend the system to work with Solaris zones, or FreeBSD jails, or even other virtualization technologies like Xen, KVM and OpenVZ however this has not yet been considered.


git clone dynohost  

Install nodejs dependencies

make init

Setup temporary openssl certs:

make certs

Environment Variables

dynhost/bin/dynohost will check for the presence of several environment variables, these must be configured as part of the process start - e.g. configured in supervisord or as part of boot script see ./dynoshot/conf.js for example

Dynhost need to be started as root. If you use sudo, do not forget to pass the environment variables with sudo -E

  • APISERVER_KEY - special key to authenticate with API server (example: KEY=abcdef-342131-123123123-asdasd)
  • RUKORUN_PATH - Path to rukorun directory
  • CODONHOOKS_PATH - Path to codon hooks directory


$ cat > .env << EOF

sudo foreman start

Help and Todo

There are some instances where resources arent cleaned up, in some cases I observed lxc container being unresponsive to stop and destroy, I need to confirm that this is lxc issue or my code, the latter is more likely.


dynohost and other openruko components are licensed under MIT.

Authors and Credits

Matt Freeman
email me - im looking for some remote work
follow me on twitter

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