Adapt Hipache to work with OpenRuko #16

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Filirom1 commented Mar 29, 2013

This is an old topic:

We have started it :

And I dont' know if it's a good idea.

httprouting and Hipache use node-http-proxy opensourced by the PaaS company : nodejitsu.

Hipache depends on Redis, which is a great tool with a small footprint. But it's one more component to install. Heroku/Logplex too depends on Redis: openruko/logplex#4

If a compare Hipache with httprouting :

  • Load-balancing across multiple backends : OK with httprouting
  • dead-backend-detection but now it's easy with node-http-proxy to react on a bad dyno response : nodejitsu/node-http-proxy@3b86a7a. And this job is done by rukorun and the heartbeat
  • Multi-process architecture : done in 5min with cluster-master
  • Memory monitoring : ouch this a nodejs problem or a node-http-proxy problem. BTW cluster-master could restart node gracefully periodically. That solve the problem
  • Dynamic configuration : configuration is read in PostgreSQL instead of Redis
  • WebSocket : done
  • SSL : slow in nodejs openruko/httprouting#9
  • Custom HTML error pages : interesting but would it works in the Heroku way : openruko/httprouting#11
  • Wildcard domains support : Good : openruko/httprouting#10

And I would like to add performance openruko/httprouting#8

Moreover there is a lot of features to be implemented to become a true clone of Heroku, that are not in Hipache. I fear that it will be harder to implement in Hipache than in httprouting.

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