Logplex - primitive, debugging aid, somewhat compatible logplex server
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Logplex - Primitive some-what compatible logplex


Simple some-what logplex compatible log sink I used whilst debugging, not feature complete, no persistence etc..


Tested on Linux 3.2 using node 0.8

On a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 LTS instance:

apt-get install nodejs

Please share experiences with CentOS, Fedora, OS X, FreeBSD etc... Note: buildpacks might have environment dependencies that you need to add to the host OS.


Step 1:

git clone https://github.com/openruko/logplex.git logplex
npm install .

Step 2:

Configure LOGPLEX_SERVER in other openruko components

Environment Variables

logplex/bin/logplex will check the presence of several environment variables, these must be configured as part of the process start - e.g. configured in supervisord or as part of boot script. see ./logplex/conf.js

  • WEBPORT - Port for API interface
  • UDP - Port to receive log messages from


foreman start

Help and Todo

A lot...

How to use

Logplex is part of the openuko logs command. But you can use it alone.

Start logplex

cd logplex
./debug.launch &

Create a session with one or more tokens. A token is used to identify the origin of the log. It contains some attributes :

  • channel: [app, heroku]
  • source: web.1, worker.3, router
$ curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -XPOST localhost:9996/sessions -d '{"tokens": [{"id": "0010aa99-f5d5-4968-8167-8c4d618c9443", "channel": "app", "source": "run.1"}]}'

Note the returned id.

Use it to send a log in UDP. The format is the following :

echo -n "1353485842018 0010aa99-f5d5-4968-8167-8c4d618c9443 Hello World\n" | nc -4u -q1 localhost 9999

Now print the logs:

curl localhost:9996/sessions/4b5f0918-3943-47f8-a79c-9ad9d42eb6ed


logplex and other openruko components are licensed under MIT. http://opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php

Authors and Credits

Matt Freeman email me - im looking for some remote work follow me on twitter