Runner for inside the dynos (lxc-init replacment)
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Rukorun - Runner inside dyno (lxc-init replacement)

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Rukorun handles the execution of the job command within the dyno, it sets up the appriorate environment, including environment variables, working directory and less privileged account to launch the process. It monitors the state of process and reports back to dynohost via shared Unix sockets, that are mounted in both the dyno and host.


Tested on Linux 3.2 using node.js 0.8

On a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 LTS instance:

apt-get install nodejs

Please share experiences with CentOS, Fedora, OS X, FreeBSD etc... I am fairly confident it will not work on Windows based machines however.


Step 1:

git clone rukorun
cd rukorun

make init

Step 2:

Set RUKORUN_PATH env var in dynohost, so the correct path is mounted on the dyno.

Help and Todo

  • Monitor port binding for 'up' status.

  • can pty.js be modified to not need a runas.js proxy?


rukorun and other openruko components are licensed under MIT.

Authors and Credits

Matt Freeman
email me - im looking for some remote work
follow me on twitter