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Standards Alignment Tool (SALT)

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This is a prototype for testing the IMS Global Learning Consortium® CASE™ Specification and proving its use in real-world scenarios based on various proof of concept and pilot projects.

The code is intended to run using a set of docker containers using docker-compose so that it can be easily deployed in any Linux environment with docker installed.


  1. Install Docker from here and Docker Compose from here
  • Note that a new user group, docker, has been created. The user that will interact with the Docker service will need to be in this group.
  • Ensure to set the MySQL folder permissions: chmod -R 777 core/docker/data/mysql
  • Also set the cache directory permssions: chmod 777 core/var/cache
  1. Create .env file
cp .env.dist .env
  1. Edit .env and set desired values (optional)

  2. Start the application

make up
* To stop the application

make down
  1. Install libraries with composer/yarn and build application
make force-build
  1. Run database migrations
make migrate
  1. http://ip-address of web container/ should show the initial screen with debug turned on
  1. One will also need to create the administrative account and password for the system with the super-user role:
  • To create an organization use ./core/bin/console salt:org:add [organization name]
  • To create a user use ./core/bin/console salt:user:add [username] [--password="secret"] [--role="rolename"]

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