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Standards Alignment Tool
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Standards Alignment Tool (SALT)

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This is a prototype for testing the IMS Global Learning Consortium® CASE™ Specification and proving its use in real-world scenarios based on various proof of concept and pilot projects.

The code is intended to run using a set of docker containers using docker-compose so that it can be easily deployed in any Linux environment with docker installed.


  1. Install Docker from here and Docker Compose from here

Note: the rest of the following can be automated by running ./local-dev/

Once the application is running: To create an organization use ./bin/console salt:org:add [organization name] To create a user use ./bin/console salt:user:add [username] [--password="secret"] [--role="rolename"]

The command creates an initial super admin "admin" with password "secret"

./bin/ also does much of the following, for doing a "build" after one has started development

  1. Create env file and docker-compose file
cp docker/.env.dist docker/.env
ln -s docker/.env .env

ln -s docker/docker-compose.yml
  1. Edit docker/.env and set desired values
  • The PORT specified is what is used in step 7 below
  1. Start the application
make up
* To stop the application

make down
  1. Install libraries with composer/yarn and build application
make force-build
  • Linux users should note that a new user group, docker, has been created. The user that will interact with the Docker service will need to be in this group.
  • Linux users also set the MySQL folder permissions: chmod -R 777 docker/data/mysql
  • Linux users should set the cache directory permssions: chmod 777 var/cache
  1. Run database migrations
make migrate
  1. should show the initial screen with debug turned on
  • Note that the port here should be the value of PORT in the .env file (default being 3000)
  1. If you have run these manual tasks, you will also need to create the administrative account and password for the system:
    ./bin/console salt:user:add admin Unknown --password=secret --role=super-user

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