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San Diego Playgrounds and Parks

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Table of contents


Develop an app that a young mother could open on her smartphone and see the location of a city park close to her for her and her children to go to.


  • Prototype goal: web map showing family friendly parks and playgrounds in San Diego County
  • Secondary goal: crowd-source locations
  • Secondary goal: allow users to provide feedback




This project was generated with the Yeoman webapp generator version 1.0.1.

Clone or fork this repository and ensure the following tools are available:

Enter your local copy's directory, run npm install then bower install. Grab some coffee ☕️ …this could take a while

NPM will install Grunt task runners and dependencies. Bower will install Bootstrap, Chai, jQuery, Leaflet, Mocha, and Modernizr. All of these files will be stored in your project folder under bower_components/ and node_modules/ and are referenced automatically in your project. Do not modify these directories. Note: These directories are not included in Git, and are excluded via .gitignore.

Build and development

To add dependencies, bower install --save [package] then grunt wiredep to ensure the dependency package is referenced by the project. By building with this method, all dependencies will get consolidated properly into the app at deployment using grunt build.

Run grunt serve for preview, make customizations only in the app/ folder, and grunt build to build a release candidate. Grunt will automatically change the dependency paths of all resources to an official CDN or a directory under dist/.

Deploy the dist/ directory to your web host.


  • GIS (5 hours): Cristiano
  • OSM/Image Interpretation (10 hours): ?
  • JavaScript (10 hours): James
  • HTML5/CSS3 (10 hours): Glenn and others, please!


Similar projects


  • Master branch: Web implementation
  • gh-pages branch: Web implementation, trunk

How to Participate