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import sys
import os
#add current dir to syspath to import local modules
#local imports
from utils import *
def appsinfo(options):
info_cmd = ["rhc-domain-info", "--apps", "--rhlogin=%s" % options.rhlogin]
if options.password != '': info_cmd.append("--password=%s" % options.password)
out, err, ret = shellexecute( info_cmd, msg="Contacting openshift...", debug=options.debug, exit_on_error=True )
return parseuserinfo(out)
def appinfo(options):
apps = appsinfo(options)
if not apps.has_key( return None
return apps[]
def parseuserinfo(data):
apps, app = {}, None
lines = data.splitlines()
for line in lines:
if ignoreline(line): continue
if isApplication(line):
if app != None: apps[] = app
app = openshift_application(line)
if line.find(":") != -1:
line = line.strip().lower()
key, value = line.split(":", 1)
if key == "creation": app.creation = value.strip()
if key == "framework": app.framework = value.strip()
if key == "git url": app.repo = value.strip()
if key == "public url": app.url = value.strip()
#add last application
if app != None: apps[] = app
return apps
def isApplication(line):
if ignoreline(line): return False
return not line.startswith(" ")
def ignoreline(line):
return line == '' or startswithany(line, ["Contacting", "Application Info", "=="])
def startswithany(text, prefixes):
for prefix in prefixes:
if text.startswith(prefix):
return True
return False
class openshift_application:
def __init__(self, name='', creation='', framework='', repo='', url=''):, self.creation, self.framework, self.repo, self.url = \
name, creation, framework, repo, url
def __repr__(self):
return 'name: %s, creation: %s, framework: %s, repo: %s, url: %s' % \
(, self.creation, self.framework, self.repo, self.url)
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