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#include "PolySetCache.h"
#include "PolySetEvaluator.h"
#include "printutils.h"
#include "polyset.h"
#include "Tree.h"
The task of PolySetEvaluator is to create, keep track of and cache PolySet instances.
All instances of PolySet which are not strictly temporary should be
requested through this class.
Factory method returning a PolySet from the given node. If the
node is already cached, the cached PolySet will be returned
otherwise a new PolySet will be created from the node. If cache is
true, the newly created PolySet will be cached.
shared_ptr<PolySet> PolySetEvaluator::getPolySet(const AbstractNode &node, bool cache)
std::string cacheid = this->tree.getIdString(node);
if (PolySetCache::instance()->contains(cacheid)) {
#ifdef DEBUG
// For cache debugging
PRINTB("PolySetCache hit: %s", cacheid.substr(0, 40));
return PolySetCache::instance()->get(cacheid);
shared_ptr<PolySet> ps(node.evaluate_polyset(this));
if (cache) PolySetCache::instance()->insert(cacheid, ps);
return ps;
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