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#ifndef CGALFWD_H_
#define CGALFWD_H_
#include "cgal.h"
#include <memory>
namespace CGAL {
class Gmpq;
template <class T> class Extended_cartesian;
class HDS_items;
template <class A, typename Items_, typename Mark_> class Nef_polyhedron_2;
typedef CGAL::Gmpq NT;
typedef CGAL::Extended_cartesian<NT> CGAL_Kernel2;
typedef CGAL::Nef_polyhedron_2<CGAL_Kernel2, CGAL::HDS_items, bool> CGAL_Nef_polyhedron2;
namespace CGAL {
template <class T> class Cartesian;
template<class T> struct Default_items;
class SNC_indexed_items;
template <typename Kernel_, typename Items_, typename Mark_> class Nef_polyhedron_3;
typedef CGAL::Cartesian<NT> CGAL_Kernel3;
typedef CGAL::Nef_polyhedron_3<CGAL_Kernel3, CGAL::SNC_indexed_items, bool> CGAL_Nef_polyhedron3;
namespace CGAL {
# define CGAL_ALLOCATOR(T) std::allocator< T >
class HalfedgeDS_items_2;
template <class Traits_, class HalfedgeDSItems, class Alloc> class HalfedgeDS_default;
class Polyhedron_items_3;
template <class PolyhedronTraits_3, class PolyhedronItems_3, class T_HDS, class Alloc> class Polyhedron_3;
typedef CGAL::Polyhedron_3<CGAL_Kernel3, CGAL::Polyhedron_items_3, CGAL::HalfedgeDS_default<CGAL_Kernel3, CGAL::HalfedgeDS_items_2, CGAL_ALLOCATOR(int)>, CGAL_ALLOCATOR(int)> CGAL_Polyhedron;
#endif /* ENABLE_CGAL */
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