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# cross compilation unix->win32
CONFIG(mingw-cross-env) {
LIBS += mingw-cross-env/lib/libglew32s.a
LIBS += mingw-cross-env/lib/libglut.a
LIBS += mingw-cross-env/lib/libopengl32.a
LIBS += mingw-cross-env/lib/libGLEW.a
LIBS += mingw-cross-env/lib/libglaux.a
LIBS += mingw-cross-env/lib/libglu32.a
LIBS += mingw-cross-env/lib/libopencsg.a
LIBS += mingw-cross-env/lib/libmpfr.a
LIBS += mingw-cross-env/lib/libCGAL.a
QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -fpermissive
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