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@@ -142,16 +142,15 @@ o C++-ify
- Use static_cast/dynamic_cast instead of C-style casts
o dxflinextrude and dxfrotextrude could share code
o Consider decoupling DXF-specific functionality from the 2D subsystem
-o Make the interfaces from OpenSCAD and OpenCSG and CGAL cleaner to facilitate
- experimentation with other frameworks (ref. Nef_polyhedron_2() problems)
-o Decouple CGAL and OpenCSG operations from the node tree -> visitor
- - Make AbstractNode members private/protected
+o Visitation refactoring
+ - Make AbstractNode members private/protected?
o Caching and MDI looks suspicious when the code relies on external resources
which might be loaded from difference locations in different documents
-> we might get a false cache hit
+o Are contructs like "child(0)" cached? Could this give false cache hits?
o Write some cmd-line apps that dump an openscad file to misc. formats
(dump, stl, dxf)
o Write a simple test script that collects verified and current STL renderings

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