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I often need to generate photorealistic renderings of my 3d designs. At the moment I have to export each portion of my openscad design as a separate STL for each material type and then load all these STLs in Blender and configure YafaRay properties to render it.

It would be awesome to have YafaRay integrated to openscad the same way it is integrated to blender. In the end it is just about generating an xml file with the scene geometry and then invoking the yafaray render engine.

Ideally this would involve adding a material() module to openscad in which we could specify which material to be used for a subtree when rendering the scene.

I imagine something simple as:

cylinder(r=10, h=50);

The strings "wood", "glass", etc, could be configured externally with helper XML files eighter provided by openscad with default material configs or provied by the user to tweak the rendering.

These would simply be included in the resulting XML scene, following the YafaRay XML spec: http://www.yafaray.org/development/documentation/XMLspecs

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