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Feature request: Break-away console and editor #233

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It would be useful with an option to undock/break away the console and editor from the main window to allow for a dynamic layout. Nice in multi monitor setups for example, or on small screens where you want the console available but not to take space away from the render view.

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As a workaround for dual monitors.... there is a way to use a separate editing program (like emacs, gedit, bbedit, whatever-you-like) with OpenSCAD, many people on the mailing list use this feature. It involves using the "automatic reload" setting on OpenSCAD - then, every time you save the file in your 'chosen editor' it will change within OpenSCAD's preview pane. Additionally, you can hide the editor pane and the log pane within OpenSCAD so you could have one monitor with just the 'preview' and the other monitor with your chosen editor.


Yes, that works fine for the editor but not the console.


Looks easy enough to change but conflicts a bit with #451. I've actually tried the way described here (with editor and console converted to dockable windows, so they can be moved to any side of the view pane and could also be made detachable).
This means the output view is the master having the menus (well, on systems <> MacOS) which probably makes sense as this is the only window that is never hidden.

What are the opinions on that?


I normally run with editor hidden & notepad++.
Great to be able to dock on different sides (console on the side, as normally monitors are widescreen, so then the render window can be bigger, taking the full height).

When testing, I commonly have multiple OpenSCAD instances running, often different versions.
For detachable windows, there would need to be a means of identifying which panes are related, or something in the window menu (top left corner) etc. to re-dock.


The dockable windows automatically get a small title bar ( Maybe it's possible to catch the undock event and add the file name while it's undocked?


Yes, it's possible to track undock events and give the undocked windows a title like "Editor - ".

NOTE: Check behavior when exiting the application with the windows closed, start OpenSCAD again and enable the windows. The windows should not come back with zero width or size.

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Implemented in #787.

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