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Test suite pretty print fails on cmake-2.8.10 #260

kintel opened this Issue · 3 comments

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This is the output:

Total Test time (real) =   4.55 sec
No such file or directory
Problem running command: /usr/bin/python /Users/kintel/code/OpenSCAD/openscad/tests/ --builddir=/Users/kintel/code/OpenSCAD/openscad/tests
Problem executing post-test command(s).
Errors while running CTest

It looks like this "bugfix" is the culprit:;a=commitdiff;h=6187876dea89618044e200808bcae75a18bd4043

AFAICS, this means that CTEST_CUSTOM_POST_TEST is meant to point to a single executable without parameters. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense though, so question is if we should fight this out with the cmake devs or work around it somehow.

@donbright donbright was assigned

submitted bug

in the meantime i will work on a workaround


apparently cmake is never going to fix this in a timely manner, so the workaround will become permanent.

@donbright donbright closed this

I just stumbled upon this from a Google search. Just fyi, the CMake bug has been fixed in 2.8.12.

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