shift-middledrag (camera distance modification) should be expomential #282

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when moving the camera to or away from the screen center, the absolute camera movement is linear to the mouse distance. this is

  • counter-intuitive, as the perceived mouse-to-world-coordinate ratio is changing during the operation
  • imprecise when viewing objects from very close
  • impractical with large objects (try with distances > 6000)

on my screen, dragging from top to bottom moves the camera by 450 world units; i'd prefer it to roughly double with one screen drag independently of the distance.

(this might or might not be an issue with mouse wheel zooming too -- for lack of one, i can't try.)

observed on openscad 2013.01.


the issue can be solved as easily as applying this:

diff --git a/src/ b/src/
index b23ba8e..1e5628f 100644
--- a/src/
+++ b/src/
@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ void QGLView::mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *event)
       // Middle button pans in the xy plane
       // Shift-right and Shift-middle zooms
       if ((QApplication::keyboardModifiers() & Qt::ShiftModifier) != 0) {
-        cam.viewer_distance += (GLdouble)dy;
+        cam.viewer_distance *= (GLdouble)(1.0 + (double)dy / ((QApplication::keyboardModifiers() & Qt::AltModifier) ? 2000.0 : 100.0));
       } else {

       double mx = +(dx) * cam.viewer_distance/1000;

please apply as you consider it suitable; the choice of 2000.0 for coarse motion and 100.0 for fine motion works well on my system, and even if it's not a perfect fit for every resolution, it's much better than the old behavior. the "press alt for slower motion" was just a spontaenous idea; if you don't see a need for it or it doesn't fit in the user interface paradigm, replace the conditional expression with 2000.0

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The "real" solution is to not use our own navigation code but rely on a library, but this looks like a decent enough hack - I'll look at it :)

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This was improved recently

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