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Run integration tests for deployment builds #303

kintel opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Now that the test frameworks supports using the actual OpenSCAD binary, we should have a way of running al such tests using the actual deployment build of OpenSCAD as part of the (snapshot) release procedure.

This should be easy enough to script.

As a start, I'm renaming all such tests to start with the string "openscad".

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currently, most tests use openscad_nogui.

for this to work, all special-casing where the _nogui version behaves differently in order to accomodate the test suite will have to be removed. afaik, that mainly affects how numbers are exported. (normalization for NaN, -0, rounding).

path handling might also be affected; the test script (and not the openscad binary) should handle that, and if required set OPENSCADPATH appropriately.


i agree... and you are correct, some file i/o and command line parsing is affected, mainly due to encoding issues that QT handles automatically, which boost cannot.


the path stuff shows up on Windows where filenames are UTF16 and handled differently for QT gui vs boost.

do you know the name of the python algorithm? sounds very interesting.

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