Make the OpenGL display look good on retina displays. #318

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Commits on Mar 23, 2013
  1. @nico

    Make the OpenGL display look good on retina displays.

    nico committed Mar 23, 2013
    Qt doesn't support an official API for opting in to retina mode for GL
    views yet. Behind the scenes, a QGLView uses an NSOpenGLView, which
    needs a call to -setWantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface:YES to opt in to
    this mode.
    This CL pokes at Qt internals to do this call -- due to only
    allowing C++ code, this is done by explicitly calling out to the
    Objective-C runtime.
    The reason this mode needs an explicit opt-in is because it requires
    expicit code to support retina mode in OpenGL. OpenGL is pixel-based,
    while Cocoa (and possibly Qt) use logical view coordinates, where one
    coordinate corresponds to two physical pixels on retina displays.
    Because of this, several parameters passed to OpenGL need to explicitly
    be scaled by the view scale factor.
    I did this in the visually obvious places in this patch, but I fairly
    certainly missed a few places. I also didn't test image saving, which
    might be broken to. (I also didn't test with a 32 bit build, which has
    to use a slightly different Obj-C API, but that part has a chance of
    being correct.)
    Another thing this patch doesn't handle is dynamic scale factor changes,
    which happen when dragging an OpenSCAD window from a retina display to
    an external display. It's possible that it happens to work, but I
    haven't tested it.
  2. @nico
  3. @nico

    Fix 'Export as Image' in retina mode.

    nico committed Mar 23, 2013
    QGLWidget::grabFrameBuffer() doesn't do the right thing if it's tricked
    into retina mode.
    Most of the code in this patch was taken from Qt's qgl.cpp.