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OpenSCAD-classes.graffle Bugfix: Zoom was broken for orthographic cameras. Fixes #853
OpenSCAD-classes.pdf diagram update
OpenSCAD-compile.graffle diagram update
OpenSCAD-compile.pdf diagram update
OpenSCAD-csg.graffle diagram update
OpenSCAD-csg.pdf diagram update
OpenSCAD-polygons.graffle #337 Enabled conversion directly from Nef polyhedron to PolySets, mak…
OpenSCAD-polygons.pdf Updated documentation
contributor_copyright.txt give Kintel and Wolf permission to alter the license
hacking.txt Started on hacking doc
patchlevel-checklist.txt Patch level release checklist
release-checklist.txt Added hyperair
testing.txt fix the documentation (merge errors)
translation.txt Update translation file generator scripts.
visitor-changes.txt Changes to for()
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