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Project: Improve Text Editor

Torsten Paul edited this page Feb 18, 2018 · 2 revisions


The integrated text editor improved quite a bit recently but there's still a number of features missing that are often requested and would make editing bigger projects easier.


This project is about adding more IDE style features to the OpenSCAD editor. Some of those features have already a prototype implementation so those would require review of the existing code continue from there.

Examples for useful features:

  • Multi-file editing
  • Context sensitive help / autocomplete while typing code
  • Simple changing of values / numbers via mouse
  • Better integration with the parser (error reporting, jump to definitions, ...)

The main challenge is to select just a small number of features but implement those in a way that really improves the usage. Ideally this involves making different prototypes and including feedback from the user community.

Expected Outcome

  • Improved text editing experience for OpenSCAD users

Project Properties


  • Programming language is C++
  • GUI programming with the Qt framework



Additional Information


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